Does vinegar kill weeds?

Does vinegar kill weeds?

Vinegar which contains acetic acid and it is more effective under natural weed killer this vinegar has been tested in many gardens and this is also less harmful effects compared to chemical herbicides. This vinegar is sprayed by using a pump sprayer and then which is directly sprayed on any of the weeds and here this should be carefully noted that you should avoid the plants when you spray to the weeds.

Can this be prepared in home?

It is possible to prepare homemade weed killer at home this is quite effective also some homemade weed Killers which have been used for centuries. And these homemade weed Killers which are effective in use and these are properly used for commercial weed killers and there is no harm produced by using this type of weed killers are best weed Killers.

The most friendly way which is used to get rid of these is pulling them up, digging out from the roots and make them dry in the sun and then add some composite material to the soil and this is one of the effective system where you can quickly get rid of weeds and also this is one of the most homemade herbicides used.

Uses of homemade weed killer

Here the common weeds which can be used may be a food medicine or else unwanted visitors to the garden, depending upon the varieties these weed Killers can be prepared. By using this type of method, there are strong care chemical herbicides, pesticides and fungicides which can control or eliminate polluting or drinking water, groundwater and also the surface water. So it is important to consider homemade weed killer system which can be effectively used instead of using herbicides to prevent water contamination in future.

Here you can also purchase stronger concentration of vinegar and add some dish soap oil or also some salt to your vinegar before you spray to your weeds.

And this idea has been worked out well and which has also stopped using more chemical weed killers and these home based ready remedies has considered as the one of the best one for weed killing.

Vinegars, which are the active ingredient and which is also acidic in nature which can produce naturally a bacterial fermentation, as an apple cider vinegar or in the form of industries through some chemical reactions from such source material as methanol.

The concentration should be very strong enough and should be effective against anything since which should destroy the weeds. Vinegar which is also a food product but it is also an herbicide called horticulture vinegar and it is not so friendly.

Let us see some of the methods by using vinegar as a weed killer

Method: 1 Using Vinegar as a Weed Killer

This white vinegar which is available in grocery store purchase a bottle of basic vinegar where this will be 5 percentages concentrated acetic acid. This type of white vinegar can be used for killing lot of weeds and you can also use Apple cider vinegar also.

Mix this vinegar with 2 teaspoons of dish soap oil and this will help to spray the stick to the weeds here the concentration level you should add two teaspoons of dish soap for 1 gallon of vinegar that is 3.8 liters of vinegar to this mixture in a bowl or bucket.

Then choose the pump sprayer with long nozzle which will help for spraying large areas of weeds and which will also be easier. Fill the sprayer with this mixture of vinegar and dish soap mixture.

In using horticulture vinegar cases since this will be 30 percentage of acetic acid and here you should dilute it with more water, you should not use as regular white vinegar.

For spraying you should choose the sunny day to spray weeds since if you choose any windy day this might also damage the adjacent plants. By choosing sunny day the acetic acid nature in vinegar which will raise the weeds out and which will last for few hours of direct sunlight increases the drying power of the weed, so spraying this liquid in the morning which will get lot of sun effect.

If suppose if you have any rain on that day after spraying you should do this process for the second round only then this project will be successful.

Spray directly onto the weeds by using pump sprayer spray bottle; spray the liquid directly on the weeds which you want to kill it. You have to be careful that you should cover the leaves and you have to spray down this spray around the roots.

Avoid soaking them in vinegar just you have to spray evenly and wait for 24 hours and check the weeds if you are unsatisfied then follow this step for the second time.

Vinegar sometimes which will kill crops and flowers as well as being so while spraying you should be very careful that you are spraying around the  roots that’s not too good for plants.

Sometimes vinegar which will also kill other plants since it will soak into the soil unless you make it direct contact with them.

Just after completing your spraying process don’t disturb it for 24 hours; you carefully rinse this sprayer after every use. And see that you clearly wash your spray and the nozzles and fill your spray bottle with water.

Method: 2 killing stubborn Weeds

Here even stubborn weeds can also be killed by using vinegar here the concentration of vinegar various here you have to use 20 percentage of concentrated horticulture vinegar where this is available only in the garden store or home improvement store where the products which are designed for garden use.

While using high concentration of vinegar it is more advisable to take extra precautions such as wearing gloves and goggles.

Mostly most of the weeds will die with the use of regular low concentration of vinegar if not if the weeds are so stubborn, apply this horticulture vinegar. Don’t use this horticulture vinegar for regular use.

Because this is very harmful to your skin and this may also burn your skin because it has the higher concentration of acetic acid.

In this mixture sum of dish soap liquid is added into the sprayer or spray bottle for quarter liter of vinegar in a good amount. Gently mix this soap water and vinegar don’t shake the bottle too much since the concentration we have used is higher so it is necessary to mix with some sticks or some teaspoons.

In this mixture salt may also be used in order to remove some of the stubborn weeds faster so you can add salt to this mixture.

The usage of salt here is which tends to stay in the soil for a while and where this affects will be little bit higher to destroy the weeds.

Care should be taken since salt remains longer with soil and will also affect the healthy plant life so probably avoiding the salt is better.

The salt process can be used in the area where you want to prevent the future growth during weeding process so this salt can be achieved for this.

After the usage it is important to clean the sprayer bottle added salt since it will even corrode the sprayer and filled with water.

How does this work

This vinegar which is acidic in nature which will kill any plant since it absorbs the moisture from leaves and which will quickly kill the plants. Vinegar is one of the non selective one and this has a habit of killing every plant which it touches. This has the nature that it has also contact only with touching plants, but also this kills the parts of the plant which touches. This vinegar which will not work with deep rooted weeds, which can only regenerate from parts of the plants.

Is it danger of using vinegar in your garden?

Since the concentration of vinegar is a strong it becomes hazardous and can also cause environmental damage. The vinegar when goes to contact it will burn down the herbicide and also it will kill the plants what it touches within hour or days. If this vinegar which is carelessly used in garden the whole garden will be spoiled so care should be taken while using vinegar as a weed killer.

Since while using higher concentration of acetic acid this can burn skin, cause eye damage, which will affect the liver so while using higher concentration you can wear goggles and protect your clothing In order to safeguard you.

Advantages of using vinegar

  • This vinegar is relatively cheap and available in ready manner
  • This process will work quickly sometimes this may take a couple of hours to eliminate small weeds.
  • While using lesser concentration of acetic acid this is not harmful to the environment your pets or your children
  • This destroys the garden weeds in one application
  • This can be used in areas with edible crops


  • Higher concentration is very much danger
  • This vinegar which may not kill deep rooted or larger weeds
  • This is not as effective as commercial weed killers
  • This vinegar cannot be used in lawns
  • Lower acidic nature may not work at all
  • If it is more spread that is while over spraying soil pH will be affected.


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