How to get rid of weeds

How to get rid of weeds

It is in our hand to take care of our health we all know how weeds are injurious to health but still there are still many people how get stuck into such kind of things and their life gets spoiled.

So if you got stuck into weed thing and you want to get rid out of it then this post is going to help you –

Signs of getting high off

  • You will get panic.
  • You will get anxiety
  • Poor muscle and limb coordination
  • Your heart rate will get increased
  • Disorted senses
  • Your eyes will get red
  • An initial liveliness

So you can see how dangerous it can be if you use it excessively and how much it can cause you problems there is more thing to know about it –

Some Additional signs

If you find someone is having weird behaviour and restless behaviour this gesture is a sign of marijuana effect. There are more things which can tell you the people is high, they will have conflicts, public fights or relationship issues. So these signs are dangerous one.

The consequences of having Weeds

If you take best weed Killers then you may have to face many issues in life which is severe you just cannot take it lightly but you need to do something for yourself so that you get out of that habit and you save your life because even you are alone and taking weed you will be troubling other person too.

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So these are the issues which you will have to face –

  • You will have to face chest pain and heart related issues (which is damn serious if you are taking It lightly then you need to change your thought process)
  • You may have to face hyperactivity or aggressiveness
  • There is issue of Cardiac attack
  • You will have to face headache and high blood pressure
  • Stroke issues
  • Seizures

Find a person to talk

The first thing I think you should do is find a person so that at least you could talk to him or her you could tell him or her. Before you decide to anything like even if you are thinking about taking counselling regarding this issue or pondering over other options talk because it will definitely going to help you until and unless you will talk you will not be able to know your problem completely and trust ne you will get better suggestions out there. Weed is not just a light issue because once you will get into it you will going to sink into that forever but talk to your family or friends or the most trust person for getting rid out of it.

Take suggestion from Counsellors or professionals

The most important thing about taking counselling or taking help of professionals is that you will get the  right kind of guideline so that it will definitely going to help you and you will definitely going to get rid out of it. Weed is even more dangerous than smoking you will even not realise when it will kill you and you will be surrounded by many issues in life, you have read the consequences of having weed so it is definitely not an easy to get rid out of it but it is even not tough to get rid out of it.

When you are taking counselling or talking to professionals make sure you take one family member to support you emotionally it will be comfortable for you and it will help you what you were not able to speak up to your friend you will be able to speak to the professional and if you find the counselling session inconvenient then you will have your family support.

Find good therapy for yourself

So the third thing you will get after first step and second step is getting good therapy. The professionals will know first how much you have indulged yourself into weeds and they will provide therapy according to that and the session can be long because it depends upon you and how much you have indulged yourself if you will be log into this then your session can be long but if you will cooperate with them then yes it can take less time too. So be co-operative at that time.

The restless period

When your therapy will get started this therapy is going to help make you restless because once you get used to of things you get habitual of those things and you do not remember anything you just want that thing back. Because leaving is not that easy it takes time to leave bad habits and actions so be patient during your therapy sessions and be with your friend or family members during that session.

But there are different kind of therapy for getting rid of weeds that depends on the person to there are even long sessions which take some year or so. At that time you do not need to get worried that it is taking long time. You are leaving habit so yeah it is so sure it will take some time and extra efforts moreover it will test your patience. Do whatever it takes to be fine.

Some exercises

There are even some exercise which will definitely going to play a role in that such as you can do inhale and exhale exercise means you will just have to do is you will have to count your every breathe just that. Mediate for sometime it will going to help you in some way you can embark on these things from small basis and you can take it ahead it will take some time but this is going to be helpful in some way so do it.

You know weed is such a bad habit that you too do not know how much time it is going to take time so it is not that you went to a medical shop and you bought pain killer you took it and then you are here and you get okay no this is not the case with weed. So Yeah it is going to take time.

Take c cold shower

Yes! It may sound weird to you because you will be thinking how this is going to help you? So yes it can help you if you take weed it will help you for some time for calming down from weed high very quickly.

weed from your garden

But just in case you do not have any shower then you can even do this you can splash a bit of cold water on your face. It helps because it triggers which is known as the mammalian diving reflex or instant reducing heart rate as means of the survival. So it drops the body temperature of you and conserves energy and preserve excess oxygen i.e THC.

Challenge yourself

The whole period becomes challenging for you because this is obvious you are something into it and you have to get out of that place there will be times when you will not want to do you will want to leave but then you will have to challenge yourself as a challenge and you will have to do it take it as life bettering challenge so that even if you want to give up you will not because you want to see yourself free from this issue and keep reminding yourself why you are doing this why do you want to go for this and why you want to quit and if you will not quit this what will be the consequences so it is you who will have to motivate yourself more than anyone else and you can do it. You just have to believe in yourself you have to do it and then go for it do it.


So I will conclude with point that weed is injurious to health still people cannot resist in indulging themselves into weed. So when you have singled out this way do not forget it is going to be long and this is going to be life changing process you will become someone you would have never thought you could do. So tell your friends or family members that to support you in this case and tell them to be patient with you and it is going to take time and your behaviour is going to be fluctuate sometimes it will be like they will also be in the condition not to continue with your behaviour so that ask support of someone who will be really helpful in this phase who can take up all the challenges with you and for you. So go ahead the first thing you have to tell yourself people will believe in you and you can leave your weed easily may be the process will be long but you are not going to give up, all the best!


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